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Gift Wrap

Make a gift memorable with pretty gift wrap

While a gift is meaningful just in itself, it can make even more of an impact with the right gift wrap and ribbons to set it off. Gift wrapping is often something that we don't think much of, since it's only going to be ripped off the gift anyway, but it actually can really make a gift look interesting or unique, and set it off beautifully. Wrapping paper is luckily not very expensive, so you can dress an otherwise utilitarian gift up in lovely paper or tissue paper to give an attractive present to the person you love.

Choosing the Right Gift Wrap

Sometimes, choosing the right gift wrap can be hard to do. Consider the holiday or occasion that you are giving the gift for. Sometimes this can help you choose themed wrapping paper that will make an impact and be beautiful on your gift. However, some people prefer to coordinate colored tissue paper with ribbons to make an attractive gift that is also color-coordinated and lovely. Adding metallic ribbon to a jewel-toned gift wrap can be lovely, or even hand-making your own wrapping paper from paper and stamps, or old newspaper, can add an interesting and unique touch to a gift and also recycle paper, helping to save our earth.

The Cost of Gift Wrap

Many people choose to buy their wrap in bulk, and you can find wholesale gift wrap online which can help you do this. Often, wrapping paper in brick and mortar stores can be very expensive, whereas buying in bulk online can save you money, even with shipping. Wrapping paper and greeting card stores offer many different designs and colors, which makes choosing the right gift wrap for the right occasion easy, and inexpensive in the long run.

Don't forget to buy ribbon or gift tags for your present -- this will help to set it off and also add an interesting touch to your gift. Some people underestimate the value of a really well-wrapped present -- the presentation is often as good as the gift inside! Sometimes, gift "favours" such as special pins or ornaments can be put on the present to add an extra something to the gift, and give the recipient a keepsake that they can put on gifts of their own or simply keep as a reminder of a really good gift!

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