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Give a present this year in a simple gift bag

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to give a gift this year is to use a gift bag. The reason for this is because gift bags are often made of recycled paper and can be easily tied closed with a ribbon, taking gift wrap, tape, and expensive bows out of the equation. As well, gift bags are also very easy to carry, making them great for gifts that need to be given on the go, like when you go to visit family at holiday time. Either way, a gift bag is a great way to present a gift without needing to spend a lot of time wrapping and carefully tying ribbons!

Types of Gift Bags

Presenting a gift in a bag is simple -- all you do is put the gift in an appropriately-sized bag and tie it shut with a ribbon. Some people choose to add coloured or white tissue paper to help to hide the gift and make it more attractive to the recipient, but this isn't required. Gift bags come in many different fabrics, including cloth, which can make them easily reusable, too. This is the beauty of gift bags -- they're not only portable, but also very environmentally friendly, as well. Some people use gift bags four and five times, for different types of presents! If you buy non-themed gift bags, you can do this, too.

Some gift bags come pre-packed, which makes them easy gifts to give and shop for! Many gift bags will come packed with food, chocolate, or wine, which can be bought online for a fairly inexpensive price and shipped directly to the recipient of the gift. The gift bag may also be reusable.

Shopping for Gift Bags

If you want to shop for gift bags all at once, for many different occasions, you can find them online at a wholesale gift bag retailer's website. There are many different gift bags to choose from, in many different designs, styles and colours, not to mention sizes. This can make shopping for your gift wrap this year very easy and inexpensive, as retailers may also have cheap shipping that can save you more money than shopping in a store for your gift bags this season.

If you need a quick way to wrap a gift, consider a gift bag and keep it easy this holiday season!

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