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Corporate Gift

Show your business partners you care with a corporate gift

Many companies choose to give out corporate gifts as a means of showing clients, associates, vendors, stakeholders, and especially, employees that their relationships and hard work are valued. Depending on who the gift is for, the budget is flexible -- for example, if you're buying for all employees, the gift may be on the smaller side, while a single executive gift that's meant to impress and strengthen a bond may be a little more expensive.

There are no hard and fast rules on what a corporate gift should be, but there are some ideas that have stood the test of time for many organizations.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Coming up with a corporate gift idea can be tough. The gifts are often meant to be personal and thoughtful, but should still be professional and should reflect the company giving the gift in its best light.

If you want to play it safe and stick with a traditional corporate gift, try one of these ideas:

  • Corporate gift baskets. Corporate gift baskets can include anything, but gift baskets are a common choice. They can be themed, such as a gourmet gift basket or a wine gift basket, or can just include a mixture of items that you believe will be enjoyed by the company.
  • Table sculptures or artwork. Sculptures and other office decor items are a common corporate gift. Often, they will come bearing a small plaque with the giver's company name or a message commemorating the year. With these types of gifts, keep in mind that you'll want to choose something that works with the company's existing decor.

If you're looking for something a little more creative as a corporate gift, try to get a feel for the culture of the company you're sending the business gift to. If they're a "work hard, play hard" kind of company, send over some sports equipment like a soccer ball or hockey gear (you could even challenge them to an annual competition).

If you're very close with the company, you might consider sponsoring a catered lunch, or even just sending pizzas over for all employees to share. Again, if you're close with the company, a joint affair can also be fun.

Employee Corporate Gift Ideas

The most important corporate gifts are those given to the employees who work hard for the betterment of the company. Often, these gifts come in the way of bonuses on a pay cheque, but other companies prefer something more personal.

Common employee corporate gifts include branded clothing or accessories that they'll use on the job, gift cards for groceries, gas or other services, as well as gift baskets with food, wine or other items that can be enjoyed by employees' families.  

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