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Pack a big punch with a gift basket gift

Gift baskets often get a bad rap as being a boring or bland present, but with creative ideas and new twists, these fun presents are making a comeback.

When we think of gift baskets, we often think of the standard holiday gift basket being given out around Christmas, but gift baskets are actually very practical for many occasions, from baby showers to sympathy gifts. They're also a wonderful idea for a wedding present, as they allow you to give a couple many small presents (on their registry or not), rather than one big gift.

Themed Gift Baskets

Many occasions have a theme attached to them, from bridal showers to birthday parties, so there may be times where you want your gift basket to support the theme. In some cases, you may also want to simply create a theme for your own basket, such as the following:

  • Gourmet gift basket. For the chef in your life, a gourmet gift is a must. Fill the basket with culinary items, such as fancy oils and spices, marinades and ingredients. Top it off with a well-chosen kitchen utensil that they'll need in the kitchen.
  • Coffee gift basket. Coffee is a staple for many people. If you know someone who is adventurous in their coffee tastes, try selecting a variety of roasts as well as some eccentric flavours and coffee additions, if you think they'd like an extra kick in their drink.
  • Chocolate gift basket. Everyone loves chocolate! A chocolate gift basket could include everything from dark chocolate bars and mixed variety chocolates to elegant truffles or homemade goodies like brownies or almond bark.

Thinking Outside the Gift Basket

If you want to get really creative, don't just focus on what's in the basket but on the basket itself. You don't have to use a traditional wicker basket, or even a basket at all -- try these fun ideas for a variety of occasions:

  • A laundry basket. If you're giving the gift as a housewarming or wedding gift, a laundry basket loaded with household-themed goods is a practical and fun choice.
  • A flower pot. If there's a gardener in your life, or someone you know who keeps flowers around the house, a flower pot is a pretty holder for any type of item, whether it's garden-related or not.
  • Decorative boxes. Everyone can make use of a decorative box, even if it's just for storing goods in the closet. Fill the box with the items you want to give, then prop the top open before wrapping in plastic wrap.

One note to keep in mind when choosing any of these items, make sure you use something that could blend in with either the person's décor or a variety of décor styles. You never know where the person may want to use it, so a crowd-pleasing design is usually best.

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