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Help your golfing enthusiast hit the links with a unique golf gift

For the golf enthusiast, a unique golf gift is always appreciated. Getting out on the golf course is a hobby for many people, whether they're occasional players or dedicated members of a golf facility who hit the course at every opportunity.

It can be hard to find the right golf gift for many golfers, as often they are well-stocked on items or have specific requirements for the equipment they use. Fortunately, there are still many golf gift ideas out there that will work for even the most finicky golfer.

Types of Golf Gifts

There are golf gifts out there to meet every budget and every type of golf enthusiast. Take a look at these choices to find the one that's right for your golf fan:

  • Golf Gift Basket. A golf gift basket can contain a number of smaller items that can be used on the course, such as golf tees, golf balls, towels, etc.
  • Golf Clothing. It's important to dress the part out on the golf course, so a gift of golf shirts, a hat or sun visor or even golf shoes will be much appreciated.
  • Golf Gift Certificate. Gift certificates are usually available at all golf courses, so you can give the gift of a free round. Or, you may want to give a gift certificate to a golf supply store, so the person you're buying for can stock up on some equipment.
  • Golf Memberships. If your golf enthusiast has been really good or your budget is high, you may want to spring for a membership at his or her favorite golf course.

Corporate Golf Gifts

There's something about business and golf that seem to go together. Deals are made on the golf course in many businesses, and it's also a great way to relax with co-workers or schmooze new clients. It's no surprise, then, that corporate gifts involving golf are common across many industries and are used on the following occasions:

  • Prizes or rewards. Corporate golf gifts make great incentives for performance or as rewards for hard work. They can also be used as prizes as company events.
  • Team-building. Taking the team or the whole office out to the links can be a great way to blow off steam and make employees feel appreciated.
  • Client meet and greets. Getting to know new clients on the golf course may seem a bit shady, but it allows people to relax and get a feel for what it will be like to work together.
  • Executive gifts. Executive golf gifts are common. Many CEOs of companies will often give golf packages or will invite another executive out to the course to play a round and talk business.
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