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Gourmet Gift

Whet the appetite with a gourmet food gift

Whether a foodie or not, everyone loves a gourmet gift! Often, gourmet gifts contain food items that people don't normally buy for themselves, making them a welcome indulgence. Gourmet gifts can be given on any budget, and can be ordered pre-made or assembled by hand.

One thing to keep in mind when giving a food gift is that you'll want to know a little bit about the person's food preferences and tastes. For example, many people don't have a high tolerance for spicy or rich foods, so a more traditional gourmet gift might be a better choice than something daring and exotic. You'll also want to find out if the person has any food allergies, so your gift doesn't go to waste.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

You can include almost anything you want in a gourmet food gift basket, but a few common staples include:

  • Marinades and rubs. Funky, spicy or flavourful marinades and rubs are a welcome addition for any adventurous cook.
  • Exotic spices. Help the chef in your life restock or expand their spice rack by choosing a few exotic spices, or treat them to higher-end spices they may not splurge on themselves. Good choices include saffron, cardamom, vanilla beans, mustard seeds and more.
  • Wine. Foodies often pair their gourmet meals with a bottle of well-matched wine, so depending on the other items you've included in your basket you may want to include a bottle of white or red wine (or even give a complementary wine gift).
  • Kitchen tools. A small kitchen tool is a great addition to a gourmet gift basket. You could include something the person may not have, like a zester, garlic press or strawberry huller, or go with something a cook can never have too many of, like a slotted spoon or ladle.
  • Décor items. For foodies who entertain a lot, you may want to add party accessories like napkin rings, wine glass ornaments, cloth napkins or another small accessory.

Other Food Gifts

There are a lot of great food gifts that don't come in a basket but that many food enthusiasts will appreciate. "Of the Month" memberships are a creative choice, whether it's something traditional like fruit or cheese or something more unusual like "Steak of the Month".

If you do like the idea of a basket, you may also want to choose a theme for it. Cheeses, smoked meats, chocolate and coffee are all common gourmet gift themes.

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