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Jewelry Gifts

Put a smile on a loved one's face with a jewelry gift or jewelry box

There's something special about receiving a jewelry gift. It's an indulgence that many people don't buy for themselves and a well-chosen piece will stand the test of time and the changing of styles.

If you're looking for a jewelry gift, remember that there's more out there than diamond jewelry, which we often think of for wedding, anniversary and other special occasions. Plain silver or gold jewelry is a classic choice for any occasion, or you may want to choose another less-common stone, such as an opal or a garnet. For a timeless choice, pearl jewelry has also been making a comeback in modern design pieces.

Jewelry Gifts for Little Girls

Little girls love to mimic their mothers, which can often lead to a less-than-desired raid on a jewelry box. If you want your little girl to experience what it's like to wear jewelry without having to risk her losing any of your pieces, it may be time to start her her own collection.

Obviously, you're not going to shell out hundreds of dollars for a piece of kids' jewelry, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. Try these tips when choosing pieces:

  • Look for sparkle. Sparkle doesn't just come from gemstone and diamond jewelry -- many imitation crystals have just as much shine for a much lower price. And keep in mind, little girls aren't modest, you can go big with imitation jewels for kids!
  • Avoid difficult clasps. Children's small hands often aren't able to work traditional jewelry clasps. Magnetic clasps or stretchy elastic pieces will be a much better fit.
  • Look for sturdy pieces. Children's jewelry will see wear and tear that adult pieces won't. Flimsy wire or delicate loops will likely end up broken, and small beads will end up all over the floor. Look for strong support wire and larger beads that are more kid-friendly and likely to stand up.

Jewelry Boxes

Along with giving jewelry itself, a jewelry box is a great present, either combined with jewelry or on its own. Jewelry boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few important things to remember when choosing one.

First, look for a box that holds multiple types of jewelry -- small compartments for earrings, ring slots for rings and a longer area for necklaces. This will help prevent jewelry from becoming tangled. You may also want to look for a jewelry box with a lift-out shelf or tiered shelving for even more room.

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