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Promotional Gifts

Put your company's face forward with imprinted promotional products

Promotional gifts, which are really just imprinted promotional products, are used by businesses to help make a positive connection with clients, vendors, stakeholders and the general public. All companies, big and small, public-facing and private, can make use of promotional items, not just during events, but also within the company itself.

Many companies have specific go-to promotional items that they use throughout the years, but they may also order specific items for various events and occasions as they need them.

Types of Promotional Gifts

There are magazines upon magazines (not to mention websites!) dedicated to various types of promotional gifts. Some are meant to be ordered in large quantities, while others can be ordered in smaller quantities. The most common promotional items include:

  • Pens. A pen is a pretty common choice for promotional gift, but it's also one of the most affordable. Promotional pens come in nearly any style and a range of prices, and also offer many options for design imprints.
  • Mugs. Promotional mugs are a perfect choice for longer, sit-down meetings and events. They can be used throughout the course of the meeting or presentation, and can then be taken home (or fresh ones can be given out at the end of the session).
  • Clothing. Clothing items, such as t-shirts, hats, jackets and more, are great promotional items because people will often wear them out in public, increasing your company's exposure.
  • Novelty items. Sometimes, a particular event may call for a specific type of promotional gift. For example, if you're attending a themed conference or trade show, you may want to tailor your item to the theme. Stress balls, foam shapes and other knick knacks are all common novelty promotional items.

When to Use Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts can get pricey, so you'll need to choose the proper occasions to use them. You may also want to have a variety of items on hand, so you can choose the proper gift for each occasion. Common times to give out promotional gifts include:

  • Corporate Events. Anytime your company is being seen by the public, whether it's an industry trade show, a public fair or another type of event where people are stopping by to chat, it's a great idea to send them home with something to remember your meeting.
  • Client Meetings. If clients are coming in for a meeting to discuss working with you, promotional gifts are often a must. A corporate gift like a pen, stationary, mug or USB key, that can be put to use during the meeting are a practical choice.
  • Employee Gifts. Employees often see cool promotional items head out the door, so it can be nice to treat them to their own items to boost morale and show pride in the company. Corporate clothing, such as jackets, hats or shirts, are also a great way for employees to advertise and support the company after-hours. 
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