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Retirement Gifts

Honoring a long career with a gift for retirement

We spend a good portion of our lives at work, so it's no surprise that many companies, as well as family and friends, choose to honor someone with a gift on their retirement. Coming up with the right retirement gift idea takes a little creativity, but it's also important that you don't take the gift to seriously -- a retirement is a happy occasion, and is often a chance for a person to explore new interests and new ideas, some of which can be discovered through a retirement gift.

Choosing a gift for retirement often depends on your relationship with the person who is retiring. Whatever the gift, accompanying it with a card and one of the many retirement poems that can be found online is a great way to honor the occasion.

Retirement Gifts for Coworkers

When an employee retires, it's common for the company to honor their service with a gift for retirement. Many companies have standard items that they use to appreciation for years of service, including the following:

  • Watches. Silver or gold watches are common choices for retirement gifts, and are often engraved with the date of retirement and the person's name or a short message.
  • Company plaques or statues. Unlike other promotional gifts, retirement gifts that bear the company's logo are often individually embellished. A crystal plaque etched with a message or a piece of art with an engraved plate are just two sophisticated choices for honouring the occasion.
  • Silver or Pewter Steins or Mugs. Maybe it's due to all the free time a retired person has to have a pint or a coffee, but high-quality mugs and steins are also standard retirement gifts. Again, these can include an engraving or crest with a message or the company's logo.

If you'd like something a little different and you're more familiar with an employee's tastes, you might want to go with something that plays into their interests, such as golf clubs or a wine of the month package for a year.

Retirement Gifts for Family and Friends

Choosing a retirement gift for a family member or friend gives you more opportunity to have a little fun than a corporate gift. Retirement gag gifts, such as "Over the Hill" t-shirts or books on what to do with your spare time, are all common, but keep in mind that gag gifts are often used as additions to a more serious gift.

When choosing a family member or friend's retirement present, the best place to start is to think about their hobbies. What didn't they have enough time for while they were working? What sort of things might they be interested in now that they have more free time? For example, you may buy a magazine subscription or a novel for a book-lover, or gardening tools for someone who likes to get outside and make things grow.

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