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Wine Gift

Please even the most sophisticated palate with a wine gift basket

A wine gift box or basket is a perfect choice for those who are simple wine appreciators to those who consider themselves the most cultured wine connoisseurs. Whether you choose a theme, such as a French wine gift, or just go with something that catches your eye on a shelf, it's hard to go wrong when putting together a wine gift.

A wine gift is appropriate for everything from a housewarming to a retirement party. While it's common to bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party, adding extra items and making a complete gift basket can be a nice way to show your appreciation to the host or hostess.

Choosing Wines for a Wine Gift Basket

There are many factors to consider when choosing gift wine, but the following are a few you will definitely want to consider:

  • Budget. Because you're making a wine gift basket, you'll likely be including multiple bottles. If your budget is smaller, try researching brands of wine on the lower end of the pay scale that are known to be good quality. You don't want to sacrifice the quality of the wine for the sake of presentation.
  • Pairing. It's common to choose a wine based on the food it will be eaten with. If you're giving the basket as a gift to the host or hostess of a party, you might expect it will be opened and you may want to match it with the planned menu.
  • Flavor. Wines have a variety of flavors, from oak and smoke to berry and spice. If you have an idea of the tastes of the person you're shopping for, try to find a wine that will match them.
  • Age. Wine is one thing that gets better with age. For the special occasion of giving a wine gift basket, you may want to try an older vintage.

If you're still not sure what type of wine is right for your basket, talk to a wine expert or do research online. You can also get recommendations from friends or fall back on your old standbys.

Other Items to Include in a Wine Gift

Wine gift baskets aren't limited to only wine. Often, they'll include additional luxury items, such as cheese or caviar (think of foods you might find in a gourmet gift basket) or even decadent chocolates. Wine baskets may also include items like corkscrews, wine glasses or bottle stoppers, which can be used along with the wine.

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