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Business Greeting Card

Add a personal touch with a business greeting card

Greeting cards aren't just for mom and dad or the kids -- many businesses use greeting cards to help establish relationships with their associates, vendors, consultants and other organizations who run in the same circles.

Business greeting cards aren't a lot different than ordinary cards, but they often require a bit more finesse in choosing, and it's important to know when you should use them. And just like family members, you'll want to put some thought into choosing or creating a card that's meaningful to the person or business you're sending it to -- while family can be forgiving, with business greeting cards, you want to make sure you make the right impression.

When to Send Business Greeting Cards

It's quite common for companies to send greeting cards to other organizations around the holidays, but one thing to keep in mind is that owners and members of certain companies may not celebrate the same holidays as your company. When choosing a business holiday greeting card, it's best to choose something with a neutral message -- for example, "Happy Holidays" in lieu of "Merry Christmas".

Other times where it may be appropriate to send a greeting card include the following:

  • Opening day or product launch. Congratulatory business cards show a company that you care about their business and are a great way to show your support for them.
  • Sympathy or get well cards. If you work closely with a particular business, and you are aware of the loss of an employee or that an employee or business owner is ill, a get well or sympathy card can be thoughtful.
  • Introductory cards. If you're interested in working with a company, a "nice to meet you" card can be a polite way to open the door to further meetings and work opportunities.

Finding Business Greeting Cards

Unlike other occasions where you may be tempted to save a few bucks, free business greeting cards and discount business greeting cards can come off looking a bit stingy to your clients or associates. In the grand scheme of things, spending a little extra on a business greeting card can help you leave a positive impression and good representation that will pay off in the future.

Most companies receive a lot of greeting cards, so to make yours stand out from the pack, look for something unique. Handmade cards from local vendors are a perfect touch, or you may want to design your own card with your company's logo.

It's also helpful to know a bit about the office culture of the business you're sending the card to. For example, while certain types of humor or messaging might go over well in your company, they may not be for everyone, and you don't want to risk offending or alienating the companies you do business with.

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