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Sympathy Card

Show you care during a difficult time with sympathy greeting cards

When someone you know has suffered a loss or is going through a difficult time, it can be difficult to find the right words to say. Sympathy and condolence cards are a simple way to show that you care and will mean a lot to them in their time of need.

If you're thinking of sending a sympathy card, it's best not to wait too long. Showing your support as soon as possible, and lending a hand in person when you can, can really go a long way in helping your friend or family member work through their difficult feelings and feel like they have a support system to lean on.

Choosing a Sympathy Card

There are many sympathy greeting cards available, and the one you choose will likely depend on the person you're sending it to. Common sympathy messages in cards are as follows:

  • Religious. If you know the person receiving the card is religious, a message that includes a spiritual verse or phrase may be very comforting for them.
  • Poems. Whether it's a famous poem about loss, or something created specifically for a greeting card, sympathy cards with poems can help express thoughts that are difficult to say.
  • Love. Sympathy love cards are a good way to remind someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one that there are many other people who care about them and who will be there for them when times are tough.

Also keep in mind that sympathy cards are not only for loss of human life. There are sympathy and condolence cards available for those who have lost pets or even lost jobs, or who have suffered serious injury or illness.

Sympathy Gifts and Letters

Often, you may want to do more than to simply send a stock-message sympathy card. Although it may be difficult, writing a sympathy letter can be even more meaningful to the person who has lost a loved one. Sympathy letters can include anything you want -- messages of love and support, personal details about the person who passed on, and an offer to help out in any way possible are all common themes in sympathy letters.

Many people also choose to send a sympathy gift along with a card or letter. Again, sympathy gifts can be anything you want, but generally, they're meant to ease the burden of daily life for those who have lost someone. Gift baskets of food are a common choice, or you may want to arrange for prepared meals to be dropped off at the person's house. Another thoughtful gift is a cleaning service -- many people tend to overlook everyday chores for a period of time after losing a loved one, so a gift that takes those tasks away will likely be appreciated.

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