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Thank You Card

Go beyond words with thank you cards

Thank you cards are not always needed, but the personal touch they offer can be a nice way of showing your appreciation when someone has done something nice for you, above and beyond a verbal thanks.

There are a variety of thank you cards in stores, and you can easily find free thank you cards online. With printers being as good as they are nowadays and the easy availability of card stock and fancy papers, you can make printable thank you cards that are every bit as good as the ones you find in stores -- and for a whole lot less money!

Choosing a Thank You Card

The type of thank you card you choose typically depends on who you're sending it to. Thank you cards can be funny or cute, which is perfect for a friend, but something like a business thank you card may need to be a bit more formal.

You can choose a thank you card specific for an occasion, such as "Thanks for helping me move!" or "Thanks for the present!" (greeting card stores often have a variety of these specific thank you cards), or you may want just a generic thank you message that could be applied to any occasion. It's a good idea to keep these types of cards around, as you won't have to take a trip to the card store every time someone does you a good deed.

Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards are generally a bit different than ordinary thank you cards. First off, you're going to need larger quantities of identical cards, so you may need to custom order. Many couples have a precise "look" in mind for their cards, and may want them to match their wedding invitations. In this case, it might be beneficial to order thank you cards at the time you order your invitations, or to work with the same designer again.

When choosing the design of your wedding thank you card, it can be a nice touch to incorporate your wedding colors into your design. You may also want to include pictures from the day into the card, so guests can share in the memories.

Whatever design you choose for your wedding thank you cards, be sure you leave enough room for a personalized message on the inside -- you'll want to include details about the day, as well as a thank you for the gift you received from each person.

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