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April Fools Day

Fool your friends and family!

Unlike most of our traditional holidays – Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween – the history of April Fool's Day is not completely clear. Unfortunately, we cannot trace the beginning of this unique holiday to a specific person or a particular event. However, it is widely believed that the holiday is an amalgamation of cultural celebrations designed to honor the first day of spring.

The first April Fool's Day pranks were precipitated by advent of a new yearly calendar. The people who refused to accept the new calendar were dubbed as "fools" by the remaining public and became the victims of many a practical joke.

April Fool's Around the World

Over the years, these pranks evolved into the holiday tradition we know and love today. April Fool's Day tricks and April Fool's Day jokes rapidly spread through Europe in the 18th century and finally made their way to the French and English American colonies. Since that time, April Fool's Day has become a beloved day of fun and joking for the entire world.

Every nation has perfected its own brand of trickery for April Fool's Day. For example, Scotland celebrates April Fool's for two days, the second of which is entirely dedicated to jokes and pranks that involve the posterior of the human body. This day is fondly called "Taily Day," and it is the origin of the first documented "kick me" sign.

April Fool's Day Pranks

April Fool's Day pranks range from simple and light to elaborate and detailed. Plastic wrap on the toilet seat, alarm clocks set back an hour and the classic "kick me" sign are a few popular April Fool's Day tricks. If these aren't dramatic enough for you, try buttering your friend's kitchen floor for a slippery adventure, or wrap your parent's or sibling's car in cellophane before work. You could also try hiding all of your partner's left shoes or replacing his or her underwear with some that is several sizes too small or too big – or replace it with several pairs of your own! The possibilities are endless.

Plan ahead for your April Fool's Day this year, and go all out! You'll have a blast, but you'll also give your victims a reason to prank you back, so be sure to prepare yourself for some revenge! Have a very happy April Fool's Day and don't forget to watch your back!

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