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Artificial Christmas Trees

Aluminum Christmas trees and other options

Christmas trees have been part of the holiday tradition since about the 16th century. While many people still prefer real trees, artificial Christmas trees have many advantages, not the least if which is that they are considered far more eco-friendly. They don't contribute to deforestation, are reusable and don't generate much waste. There are many other reasons to choose an artificial Christmas tree, though, and these advantages are well worth considering if you aren't sure whether to choose a real tree or a synthetic alternative.

Advantages of Artificial Christmas Trees

Some of the other reasons for choosing artificial Christmas trees include:

  • A wide variety of styles and colors. There are many different types of artificial Christmas trees, from standard aluminum Christmas trees to fiber optic Christmas trees; today's advanced plug-and-play fiber optics are ideal if you want a prelit Christmas tree that you simply connect to a power source and enjoy. In addition to these options, there are color variations on the traditional green. Some of the most popular alternatives to green include white Christmas trees and silver Christmas trees, which can add a unique touch to your home if you want to get more creative with your holiday decorations.
  • Safety. Real Christmas trees dry out, and when they do, they become a fire hazard. Given that many people burn candles in their homes around the holidays, real Christmas trees create a risk you may prefer to avoid altogether. Artificial Christmas trees are inflammable and therefore considered much safer than their authentic counterparts.
  • Ease of use. Real Christmas trees are messy; their needles shake loose and need to be vacuumed up, and disposing of them can be a time-consuming pain at a time of year when you don't have time to spare. Artificial Christmas trees are easy to use and easy to store -- simply set them up and enjoy the family togetherness that comes with decorating the tree together.

Artificial Christmas trees can be enjoyed again and again, year after year. They are a holiday investment well worth making if you want to enjoy the many perks of using them.

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