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Christmas Candles

Light up your home with a Christmas candle arrangement

Creating a festive yet intimate mood in your home is the goal of most Christmas decoration arrangements, and to that end, candles hold a central place in many holiday design schemes. Christmas candles are a traditional decorative item, and have been used to celebrate the holiday virtually since its inception.

There are numerous reasons for this: for one, many Christian customs were adapted from pagan religions as Christianity spread, in part to attract new converts with rituals that were similar to ones they were already used to. The Roman festival of Saturnalia made prominent use of candles, and that is partially responsible for their implementation in Christianity. They also play a key role in the Advent calendar, which has been used for centuries to mark the weeks leading up to the birth of Christ in the Christian church. The role of the Christmas candle was solidified by Irish customs, which held that candles in windows helped guide the spirit of baby Jesus, who would wander among the houses looking for his home.

Modern Christmas Candles

The history of the Christmas candle is an afterthought in most modern households. Most people use candles just to create a warm, inviting feeling during this famous winter holiday. There are numerous styles of Christmas candle holders: you can get simple ones designed to accommodate a single candle, candelabras for multiple candles that can be used on end tables, coffee tables or as accentuations for the dinner table, and adaptable wall sconces that can double as candle holders.

If you have young children, Christmas candle safety is a special concern. In such a case, you may prefer to get artificial candles. Your options include flameless wax candles, and electric candles that plug in and light up. Many such products create the same kind of warm glow as regular Christmas candles, but without the fire hazard. If you do prefer to use real candles, use common-sense safety tips: don't leave them burning unattended, keep the wicks trimmed and short, and keep them a safe distance away from flammable materials and objects. Finally, make sure that your candles rest on bases that are large enough to trap falling wax and sturdy enough to prevent minor bumps from knocking the candle over.

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