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Christmas Crafts

Easy Christmas crafts to make at home

Making Christmas crafts with your children is an excellent way to spend the day during the holiday season. There are endless fun and easy Christmas crafts that are simple to make and can be used as decorations, tree ornaments, or given as gifts to other family members.

Most kids' Christmas crafts use everyday items like paper bags, egg cartons, colored paper, felt, pipe cleaners and buttons to make iconic characters or holiday accessories. Looking around the house for these materials and getting creative can help you make free Christmas crafts that let you enjoy family fun without spending a cent. Some other Christmas crafts to make include homemade wreaths, stockings, tree ornaments and gift bags.

Fun and Inexpensive Christmas Craft Ideas

If you're looking for creative Christmas craft ideas, here are some to consider:

  • Christmas clipart. With the advent of digital media, making holiday-themed clipart is fun, easy and free. All you do is search for suitable images online, then mix and match them to create an artistic creation of your very own to hang on the fridge or your Christmas tree.
  • Paper bag reindeers. With a black pom-pom, a red milk jug lid and some construction paper, you can transform an ordinary brown paper lunch bag into a Christmas reindeer or even Rudolph. All you do is create eyes from the construction paper, use the black pom-pom as the rose and fashion a nametag out of the milk jug lid.
  • Homemade Advent calendars. Help build anticipation for Christmas by creating a calendar marking the 24 days of Advent. Create small paper doors that can be opened to reveal a surprise -- one for each day leading up to Christmas.
  • Christmas cookie gift bags. If you're going to be giving sweet treats to friends, neighbors and family members during the holiday season, you can get your kids to help out by having them make Christmas cookie gift bags. Simply decorate a regular bag with some silver sparkle, ivy or mistletoe cut out of green colored paper, or whatever else you like, and have your little one individually address each bag.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Christmas crafts. They're an enjoyable and inexpensive way to spend some time with your kids as the big day approaches.

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