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Christmas Gift Wrap

Ideas for Christmas wrapping paper

The holidays mean gift-giving, and gift-giving means you'll need Christmas gift wrap. Christmas wrapping paper can be just as expressive as the present itself, so taking the time to choose your gift wrap carefully is worth the effort if you want to put an extra-special touch on your holiday giving.

While Christmas gift wrap is available in a wide range of seasonal styles and themes, containing iconic holiday images like holly, a Christmas wreath, reindeer, snowflakes or Santa Claus, there are other things to consider when buying it. Looking at how your Christmas wrapping paper is sourced and where the money you spend on it goes can help you make more socially responsible decisions.

Christmas Wrapping Paper: Things to Consider

By now, you probably know that it's best to collect your Christmas wrapping paper after the gifts have been opened so you can recycle it. But did you know that you can also help the environment by choosing Christmas gift wrap that's been made from partially or fully recycled paper in the first place? Check the label when you're purchasing your paper, or ask the merchant for eco-friendly gift wrap options if you'd like to help make Christmas a greener occasion.

If you'd like to help out your local community or reputable nationwide charities, you can also purchase Christmas gift wrap that donates a portion of the proceeds it generates to those in need. This is another way you can help out by being more selecting about the wrapping paper you buy.

Gift-Wrapping Accessories

Wrapping paper isn't your only option when it comes to gift presentation. You can also use a Christmas gift bag -- which may be recyclable or reusable -- or a Christmas gift box. Both of these options help you cut down on the amount of paper you're consuming over the holiday season, and every bit of conservation helps.

Regardless of how you choose to present your gifts, you'll need Christmas gift tags so that everyone can find their treasures under the tree come Christmas morning! These simple but indispensable accessories can usually be purchased alongside your Christmas gift wrap, so if you want recyclable or charitable options, you can use the aforementioned suggestions to ensure your Christmas gift tags are also helping causes that are important to you.

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