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Christmas lights can be used both inside and outside the house to spread festive cheer. The simplest type of Christmas lights are standard rope lights, which can be suspended along your walls, around your window and door frames and, of course, on your Christmas tree. These can also be used as outdoor Christmas lights and are a classic choice if you have an evergreen tree in your front yard.

Of course, more elaborate options are available. Some people like to go all-out with their Christmas lights, creating intricate nativity scenes or drawing on secular Christmas imagery to fashion dazzling displays. However, when it comes to Christmas rope lights and Christmas tree lights, safety is a paramount consideration. You don't want your holidays to be tarnished by an accident, so now is a good time to brush up on safety tips for indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations.

Christmas Light Safety Tips

Here are the top safety tips to ensure you don't have an accident when putting up your holiday lights:

  • Only use designated outdoor Christmas lights for use outside your home. These must be weatherproof and impervious to the snow and rain that often fall during the winter.
  • Before you hang any Christmas rope lights, check the wires to make sure there are no breaks or frays. Also, check for broken or burned-out bulbs; if you're in the market for new lights, remember that LED Christmas lights don't suffer from breaks and burnouts nearly as often as string lights that use traditional bulbs.
  • Christmas tree lights should be well away from all heat sources, including heat registers, ducts and vents, and fireplaces.
  • Never put cloth, paper or flammable decorations on or near Christmas lights.
  • Make sure all extension cords are sheltered from the elements when you connect your outdoor Christmas lights to a power source.
  • If you are hanging lights outside your home, always make sure the ladder you use to reach your gutters is safe and sturdy. Never climb a shaky ladder.

Carefully following these simple tips will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable Christmas, brought to life by your lights and decorations.

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