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Christmas Tree

Natural and artificial Christmas trees

The Christmas tree is an iconic part of holiday celebrations throughout the Western world, and the history of this yuletide mainstay is rooted in the times before Christ was born. Evergreen trees have long held spiritual meaning as symbols of life that never dies, something that obviously resonates with the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of Christians. Thus, the evergreen tree was a natural choice for the Christmas holiday, a tradition that began in modern-day Germany during the 16th century.

Today, people generally choose between natural and artificial Christmas trees. This article will focus on natural Christmas trees and the accessories that help bring them to life.

Sourcing Natural Christmas Trees

Most people get their trees from special Christmas tree farms, which grow evergreens specifically for the purposes of supplying customers with natural trees to celebrate the holidays. Typically, pine, fir and spruce trees are used to holiday celebrations.

There are two basic types of Christmas tree farms: the first is find-and-cut farms, in which you actually go out into the field, select your own tree and cut it down yourself. The second is the pre-cut farm or Christmas tree shop, in which you will simply choose the tree you want, pay for it and take it home. Pre-cut farms are very convenient and save time, but going out into the field with your kids to choose a Christmas tree of your very own makes for special bonding time and creates cherished memories.

Christmas Tree Accessories

Many Christmas tree shops also sell the accessories you'll need when you get home: a Christmas tree stand to make sure your tree doesn't topple over, and a Christmas tree skirt that minimizes the mess made by falling needles. Of course, you'll also need ornaments and a star or angel with which to top the tree. A lot of people pass down Christmas ornaments and decorations through the generations, so if you'd like to start a new Christmas family tradition, one thing you might want to do is select an extra-special ornament, personalize it, then pass it down to your children when the time comes.

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