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Corporate Christmas Card

Company and business Christmas cards

Corporate Christmas cards are an excellent way to let clients and customers know that they're valued while positioning yourself to do further business with them in the New Year. In other words, they offer more than just season's greetings -- they are a marketing opportunity. Thus, it's important that your business Christmas cards be carefully selected to ensure they fit the corporate image or company values that you have carefully built during your time in business.

The best way to do this is to get custom-made company Christmas cards from a local printer or an online merchant. Conversely, you can also make your own using Web-based software, then print up the results yourself or send them along to a print shop for rendering, just as you would if you were creating a personalized Christmas card for friends or family.

How to Design a Business Christmas Card

Marketing experts stress how important it is for companies to create consistency, and corporate Christmas cards are no different. They should use the same color schemes, fonts and logos as your regular business materials; the only exception is that they are presented within the context of a holiday Christmas card, so you can get creative and welcoming with the other design elements. However, the other design elements you incorporate into your business Christmas card should line up with your overall image; if, for example, you run a financial services firm, you're going to want to stick with something more formal than you might choose if you were, say, a toy merchant.

The Advantages of Working with Professionals

Since business Christmas cards are important marketing tools, you should try to find money in your budget for professional design and printing, even if you're a small business, unless you have particular expertise in this area. Professional printers have the experience and tools to adapt your current corporate image to a custom corporate or business Christmas card quickly and cost-effectively.

While you're at it, you may want to have the address labels printed as well, since this will help solidify the professional presentation. Thus, when you choose a printing company to work with and submit your design ideas and materials, you should also have a mailing list handy so that you can get labels done as well.

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