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Corporate Christmas Gift

Christmas gifts for your employees and clients

In the corporate world, it's good form to give small but thoughtful gifts to business partners and employees to let them know they're valued. Typically, corporate Christmas gifts are relatively inexpensive and office-appropriate items, though employees may get a little more creative if they decide to hold a "Secret Santa" pool in which employees pick names at random from a hat (or a Santa Claus cap) then shop for the person whose name they drew.

Typical Christmas corporate gifts include computer accessories, desk sets, fountain pens and corporate Christmas gift baskets. For the best selection, it's recommended that you shop with a retailer that specializes in corporate Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Gifts for Employees

Many companies throw holiday parties for their employees, where they may offer individual Christmas gifts for employees. Typically, employers choose simple gift bags or baskets containing generic items like gift cards, gift certificates for local merchants or restaurants, or bottles of wine.

Sometimes, businesses will also give plaques or trophies to recognize exceptional achievements over the previous year. It's also common practice for larger companies to hold raffles, draws or games in which employees can win more valuable prizes, but this is dependent on your budget for the holiday party and is entirely at the discretion of management.

Business Christmas Gifts for Clients or Partners

Golf gifts are among the most popular business Christmas gifts, especially if you do business with a particularly valued client over a round of golf during the spring or summer. Crystal gifts, clocks and timepieces, bar accessories, business card holders, pen sets and photo frames are also quite popular in the corporate world, and many of these gifts can be engraved or otherwise personalized for an extra special touch. Adding a simple but thoughtful corporate Christmas card is also considered good etiquette.

Also, with the widespread move towards heightened ecological awareness, green corporate Christmas gifts are becoming more and more popular in the business world, especially for clients whose company philosophy places a high value of environmental protectionism. It's a thoughtful way to reinforce your shared goals while setting the table for a continued relationship in the New Year.

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