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Christmas party games for all to enjoy

Christmas is the festive season, and with it comes parties -- the two are virtually synonymous. If you're throwing a holiday party, it's worth your while to research some unique ideas so that you don't bore your guests with the same old thing. With the average person attending multiple Christmas parties every year, you have to go the extra mile to make yours memorable and enjoyable. This means coming up with themed Christmas party ideas as well as unique Christmas games in addition to tempting your guests with sumptuous treats, delicious food and holiday drinks.

Christmas Games for your Holiday Party

Entertain your guests with these classic Christmas party games:

  • Christmas trivia. For this game, you will select a prize (or possibly, prizes for first, second and third place) and research or download Christmas trivia questions. This Christmas party game can be played individually at smaller events, or in teams if you're hosting a larger holiday party.
  • Secret Santa. This is a classic, in which guests secretly draw names of the other people attending the party, then get small gifts for the person whose name they drew. Not knowing who shopped for you adds to the fun -- you can guess after opening your present!
  • Christmas stocking guessing game. This is a fun game, in which you secretly slip an item into a Christmas stocking and pass it around the room. Whoever guesses what it is just by touching it gets to keep it, and you can keep playing until everyone has won a gift.

You can also create your own Christmas versions of classic party games like charades, Pictionary, bingo and more. If you've decided on a fun theme for your Christmas party, be sure to mention it on your holiday party invitations so guests are in the know.

Christmas Party Ideas for Home and the Office

Here are some themed Christmas party ideas to consider if you're hosting an event at your home:

  • Winter Wonderland -- deck your home out in white decorations, and ask guests to wear white clothing to create the impression of an indoor blizzard
  • Twelve Days of Christmas -- you can use this theme both for décor and costumes; decorate the party room with items described in one of the world's most famous Christmas songs, or invite guests to dress up in their choice of song items
  • Dickensian Christmas -- draw inspiration from the classic A Christmas Carol, and have guests dress up as their favorite characters from the world of Charles Dickens

These also work as holiday office party ideas, or you can hire a professional party planner to give employees a memorable one-of-a-kind Christmas bash.

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