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Homemade Christmas Gifts

Inexpensive homemade Christmas gift ideas

Whether you want to avoid the massive crowds at the local shopping mall or save money, homemade Christmas gifts are a great idea. There's also nothing that you can buy in a store that can quite match the care and affection that goes into a homemade Christmas gift. If you're crafty, there are dozens of homemade Christmas gift ideas that you can give to just about anyone on your list, as long as you plan ahead and start early. Many of the best homemade gift ideas do take some time to complete, so you'll want to avoid leaving everything to the last minute.

Money-Saving Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some of the most popular homemade Christmas gift ideas:

  • Books and photo albums. You can put together a photo album for family members young and old, or if you want a unique take on the same idea, ask the people in your family to create "memory drawings" of a cherished shared memory from your family's past and assemble them in a scrapbook. Another idea is to create a recipe book to pass down treasured family secrets through the generations.
  • Gift baskets. Even though you can purchase ready-made holiday gift baskets, you can save some money and add a touch of personalization by creating your very own for the special people on your Christmas list.
  • Cookies, baked goods and sweets. From homemade truffles and chocolates to Christmas cookies and sticky buns, the options are endless if you want to head into the kitchen to create your homemade Christmas gift ideas. One possibility to consider is "ready to bake" Christmas cookies -- bring cookie dough laid on a baking pan and let the recipient enjoy the family togetherness that comes with baking them and eating them at home on Christmas Day.
  • Clothing. If you can knit or sew, you have an endless array of other options at your disposal, from homemade Christmas stockings and sweaters to pajamas and slippers.

No matter what your crafty skills, you can put them to good use come Christmastime. Homemade Christmas gifts do more than ease the holiday strain on your wallet -- they are genuinely sentimental and often become the most treasured mementos of the season.

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