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Ideas for filling your Christmas stockings

Traditionally, stocking stuffers consist of small, practical everyday items, sweets and candies, and other inexpensive items that can fit neatly in a small Christmas stocking. But there are lots of unique stocking stuffers that offer a new take on this old idea, and if you want the holiday surprises to last beyond what's under the tree, try out some unique Christmas stocking stuffers this year and watch the faces of your closest loved ones light up with joy.

Unique Ideas for Your Family Christmas Stockings

Some of the tiny treasures you may never have considered as stocking stuffers include:

  • Event tickets. If someone on your shopping list has their favorite band, singer or sports team playing locally, why not surprise them with tickets to the event? This is a guaranteed surprise as a Christmas stocking stuffer, and what's more is that it's a can't-miss Christmas gift idea.
  • Assets and monetary instruments. Sure, you've probably thought about slipping a $20 bill in your son or daughter's stocking, but what about a potentially more valuable asset, like a savings bond or stock in an up-and-coming company? This is literally the kind of gift that can keep on giving if you choose it wisely.
  • Computer accessories. A sleek new iPod or smartphone may be a good gift to give under the tree, but you can also sneak one in as a stocking stuffer. If the person you're shopping for has a laptop computer, you can also surprise them with a memory stick, external hard drive or extra memory to boost the speed of their operating system.
  • Books, subscriptions and gift certificates. Tucking a new novel into your son or daughter's stocking is a great way to encourage them to read, but you can also give newspaper and magazine subscriptions, as well as gift cards or gift certificates to favorite stores, restaurants and local merchants.

Include one or two of these items and watch your family's reaction to their Christmas stockings turn from afterthought to excitement! Stocking stuffer ideas are endless, but use the same guiding principles you do when shopping for major presents: keep the person's uniqueness in mind and choose items they want, need or can relate to, and you'll stand a good chance of surprising them.

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