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Easter Baskets

Classic Easter candy ideas for kids

Easter baskets have been part of this important Christian holiday for generations. The tradition traces its roots back to pagan times and the fertility goddess Eostra, who was often depicted carrying a basket. Festivals honoring Eostra were celebrated in spring, and with the spread of Christianity throughout the world, the holiday was adapted; in fact, the origins of the word "Easter" come from Eostra, which was also sometimes spelled "Eastre." The dates of many Christian holidays, including Christmas, were selected because they coincided with pagan festivals and religious observances which were traditionally celebrated around the same time of year. Theoretically, this made it easier for converts to adapt to their new religion.

Ideas for Filling Easter Baskets

Easter chocolate and candy are included in baskets the world over. Some of the most common sweets that you'll find in a basket include chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs, marshmallows and jellybeans. According to popular folklore, the Easter bunny hops through homes overnight or while people are in church, leaving behind Easter candy much the same way that Santa Claus leaves behind gifts on Christmas Eve.

However, candy isn't the only thing that goes in Easter baskets. Larger baskets can also be filled with stuffed animals and Easter toys. Colored plastic eggs containing small toys are popular, as are dress-up kits, rubber balls and bouncing eggs.

Make Your Own Easter Basket

Making a paper Easter basket is an easy and fun craft. Start by finding an Easter basket template online and printing it. Then, get some thick purple or pink colored paper, trace the template and cut it out. Typically, Easter basket craft templates have separate instructions for baskets and handles, so be sure you're working with a complete kit before you get started or you may end up having a different-sized handle drawn from another template or pattern.

Of course, paper Easter baskets won't support much weight, so if you want something sturdier, you can purchase straw or plastic Easter baskets from many retailers as the holiday approaches. These are traditionally stuffed with wispy colored streams before being filled with Easter candy, chocolates, Easter toys and sweets.

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