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Easter Cards

Find the perfect way to send Easter greetings

Easter cards make a nice addition to a bouquet of flowers or a seasonal gift basket, or just as a greeting to distant friends or relatives. Thanks to the advent of digital technologies, you now have a wider range of choices than ever before when it comes to sending Easter greetings, and you can even create your own Easter e-cards with the help of simple Web-based software. If you have access to a laser color printer, you can also create your own customized Easter cards to mail or hand-deliver.

Ready-Made Easter Greeting Cards

Store-bought cards tend to be generic, but they are an easy and convenient way to send Easter greetings. Both religious and secular Easter cards are available, ranging in tone from solemn to whimsical. The most elaborate store-bought cards include pop-ups and some even play music, and these make a great choice if you're sending Easter greetings to children.

Make Your Own Easter Greeting Cards

As with Christmas cards, you can also use a wide range of computerized tools to send Easter e-cards or even create free Easter cards using online templates. E-cards are downloadable electronic greeting cards that you simply attach to an email and send; they are convenient because you can send them to as many recipients as you like, taking care of everyone on your Easter greetings list all at once. If you prefer, you can also personalize Easter e-cards and send them along individually.

There are also Web-based computer programs that allow you to create custom Easter cards by uploading photos or choosing graphics from a clipart library. Then, you simply add text in your choice of fonts and save your creation to your computer to print at home or send along to a professional printer for rendering. If you don't have color printing capabilities, you can stick to simple black-and-white designs with basic graphics and print out your free Easter cards on regular paper. However, if you've got a more advanced printer, the sky is the limit in terms of graphics, images and colors, and you can even choose high-quality card stock or photo paper to print out your cards.

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