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Ideas for your next Easter dress

Whether you're attending church services or simply visiting friends or family, it is traditional for women and girls to wear Easter dresses to mark this important spring holiday. While styles come and go and vary from year to year, there are a few eternal principles that have been a part of Easter dress for a very long time. Traditional colors and Easter dress accessories have remained largely unchanged through the years, and adhering to customs is always a savvy approach.

Traditional Easter Dress Colors

Here are the four traditional colors associated with women's and girls' Easter dresses:

  • Red. A red Easter dress is considered solemn but tasteful. The color is associated with the holiday, particularly in European cultures, in recognition of Christ's blood being spilled to save humankind from their sins.
  • Pink and purple. These are the traditional secular Easter colors; typically, lighter, pastel-type shades of pink and purple are favored over darker or heavily saturated hues.
  • White. You've heard the old saying that "you can't wear white after Labor Day." The other end of that custom is that you can begin to wear white on Easter. Bright shades of white are ideal for spring.

In terms of prints and patterns, simple, non-representational designs like dots or circles are common. Given the holiday's springtime observance, many dresses are also adorned with Easter flowers.

Easter Dress Accessories

In addition to red, pink, purple and white dresses, there are a few other must-have Easter accessories for women and girls. For example, it is common to adorn dresses with sashes or ribbons, particularly around the waist. Jewelry should be kept to a tasteful minimum.

The Easter bonnet has also long been a popular dress accessory, particularly for infants and young girls. These adorable Easter hats for kids not only tie an outfit together, but they also protect children's sensitive heads from UV rays, which can reach very high levels in the early spring.

For the latest styles and Easter dress collections, check with your favorite retailer in March. Typically, Easter dresses are rolled out about a month before the holiday, so start shopping early for the best selection.

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