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Easter Eggs

Enjoy a classic Easter egg hunt

Easter eggs form the basis of one of the most beloved Easter traditions. The practice of hard-boiling, painting and hiding chicken eggs as an Easter game has been around for centuries, though it has evolved to include plastic Easter eggs as well as chocolate egg-shaped sweets. You can also get egg-shaped Easter ornaments if you like to adorn your home in seasonal trappings as springtime approaches. Eggs as an Easter decoration evolved because they are a symbol of new life and resurrection, which is what the holiday is all about in the Christian faith.

How to Make Easter Eggs

First, you need to hard-boil your eggs so they won't break. Simply put eggs in a saucepan, cover them with water, bring them to a boil, and turn off the heat. Cover the pan, then leave them to sit for 20 minutes before draining them and cooling them off by running them under cold water.

As an alternative to hard-boiling your eggs, you can also make blown-out eggs. To do this, wash the egg and poke a small hole in each end, both top and bottom. Then, holding your egg over the sink or a plate, blow into one of the holes until the contents of the egg drain through the other hole. This leaves the shell intact while ensuring that there is no risk of a mess in case you accidentally break the egg.

You can then color your Easter eggs using food coloring, paint, crayons, tie-dye or tissue paper. Designs can be simple or intricate, though many make use of the traditional Easter colors of purple and pink.

Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

While you can put eggs in Easter baskets, they also form the basis of a popular Easter pastime: the Easter egg hunt. Children and grownups alike can participate in this fun game, during which painted Easter eggs are hidden around the house, and individuals or teams try to find as many of them as they can. Perfect for larger parties and family gatherings, an Easter egg hunt ends when all the eggs are found. There are a couple of ways to reward players: the person or team finding the most eggs can win a prize, or you can offer a prize to the person or team who finds a specially painted prize egg.

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