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Easter Gift

Easter gift ideas and stuffers for baskets

Easter is a time for family celebrations and togetherness, and it is traditional to give small gifts when visiting friends and relatives, especially to children. Being the central holiday of the Christian faith, many Easter gifts are religious in nature. However, the holiday is also widely celebrated by secular people, and traditional Easter presents have evolved to include a wide assortment of non-religious items.

If you're looking for a simple and inexpensive present, Easter gift baskets are a great idea. These are available for both children and adults; a children's Easter gift basket will typically include stuffed animals, toys and candy. Adult Easter baskets often include fruit, wine and flowers.

More Easter Gift Ideas

Here are more Easter gift suggestions. For children:

  • Coloring books. These can be Easter-themed, or not directly related to the holiday. You can also include some crayons or colored pencils if you want to give a child a coloring book as an Easter gift.
  • Games. A croquet set makes an excellent Easter gift, as the holiday is celebrated after the arrival of spring. However, board games and, in recent times, video games have also become popular Easter presents.
  • Stuffed animals. Bunnies, chicks and lambs are the most popular stuffed animals to give if you want to give a holiday-themed gift.

Some suggestions for gifts for friends and family include:

  • Flower arrangements. In North America, the lily is the traditional *Easter flower, but other good choices include pussy willows, meadow anemones and roses. Purple and pink are the traditional Easter colors, so building a floral arrangements around them is tasteful and appropriate.
  • Wine. Drawing from the Biblical story in which Christ changed water into wine, a gift of wine has long been a popular Easter tradition. White and blush wines make good choices.
  • Chocolate boxes. Easter chocolate isn't just for children! A gift of chocolate is always appreciated on Easter Sunday, and elegant chocolate boxes containing an assortment of delectable gourmet sweets are best-selling items at this time of year.

For the presentation of a gift, choose Easter-themed gift wrap, or simply present your offering in a gift bag or gift box.

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