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Cook up a delectable Easter dinner

Most people celebrate Easter by giving out chocolates, candy and small gifts to children, then tempting their taste buds with delicious Easter recipes after church. The traditional centerpiece of an Easter dinner is baked ham or roast pork, though in some countries, roast lamb is the main course in recognition of Christ's place as the "lamb of God."

To start off the day, though, many people enjoy a nice Easter brunch or breakfast, with eggs serving as the center of attention. Given the prominent role that pork plays as an Easter food, ham or bacon is a traditional accompaniment, as are freshly made waffles and pancakes.

Easter Dinner Menus

Here are some sample Easter dinner menus to try out if you're looking for new Easter recipes for your collection, starting with the traditional feast:

  • Baked ham or roast pork
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Corn
  • Carrots
  • Salad

For dessert, you can serve hot cross buns, Easter cookies or even an Easter bunny cake, if you want to get creative. As mentioned, you can also substitute roast lamb for the ham or pork, if you would like to add a fresh taste to your dinner.

With more and more people going vegetarian, it's also good to have a meat-free trick up your sleeve if you're hosting people who don't eat meat. Here is a sample meat-free Easter dinner menu:

  • Breaded and baked eggplant
  • Pan-fried artichokes and red onion
  • Scalloped potatoes (you can also serve roast potatoes instead if a vegan is in attendance, as scalloped potatoes include milk, cream and cheese)
  • Corn, carrots and salad

As an alternative to vegetable-based main dishes, you can also serve fish for Easter dinner if it fits in with the dietary restrictions of your guests. Baked or poached salmon makes an excellent choice, but you can also try Easter recipes for roasted sea bass, tuna steaks, cod or catfish, depending on local availability and your personal preferences. Fish tends to lose its freshness fairly rapidly, though, so try shopping for it the day before Easter if you're going to serve it so you don't have to refrigerate it for an extended period of time.

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