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Fathers Day Card

Give dad a Fathers Day card to remember

Fathers hold a special place in every child's heart. Father's Day is observed on differing dates in countries around the world, but in the U.S. and most others, it falls on the third Sunday in June. While there are as many different Father's Day gifts as there are fathers, one staple is the traditional Father's Day card. While most commercially produced Father's Day cards tend to be humorous or sentimental, new technology has made it easier to give personalized gifts that express your affection in a way that a store-bought card never could.

Make Your Own Card for Dad

Young children have been hand-crafting Father's Day cards for as long as the holiday has been celebrated, but they now have high-tech help in the form of digital imaging software. Making a printable Father's Day card is a convenient option for children, who rarely have money to spend on store-bought cards and prefer to express themselves from the heart.

If you don't have the software you need to make a card on your home computer, there are websites that offer online programs to help you create a free Father's Day card. Often, these programs are available at no cost, and they feature a wide range of pre-created templates. This type of free printable Father's Day card is perfect for people who want to create personal messages; you can create your own artwork, write your own poems or add pre-scripted verses and ready-made images.

Choosing a Fathers Day Card Online

Whether you choose a Father's Day card online or in a store, take your dad's unique personality into account. You can choose theme-oriented cards, gag gifts or serious pieces. Some people even choose to cover all bases by buying both a serious and a funny Father's Day card. No matter what style you choose, a Happy Father's Day card is sure to bring a smile to any dad's face.

How Your Child can Make a Fathers Day Card

If your child is used to using a computer, they can go to a free printable Father's Day card site and simply click and choose a card to print for Dad. Letting your children pick the card helps build special bonds that last forever. However, if your child is too young to use a computer, a piece of colored construction paper and some crayons are a surefire combination that will make for Fathers Day crafts and cards that Dad will treasure forever.

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