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Fathers Day Gifts

Creative Fathers Day gifts for dad

Finding unique Father's Day gifts is a challenge. The traditional standbys of ties, socks and homemade pictures are still a good bet for Dad on his special day, but if you really want to put a surprised smile on his face, putting a little extra thought into your Father's Day gifts will get the reaction you're after.

How to Pick Unique Fathers Day Gifts

There are several ways you can make a Father's Day gift special. Since every dad is different, you're best to start thinking about the things that makes your father unique and reflect them in the gift you give. Here are a few ways to personalize gifts for Dad:

  • Be crafty. Homemade Father's Day gifts created with love show how much you care. It's not about the end product; it's about the time, effort and affection that went into making it. Making homemade Father's Day gifts doesn't require any special skills, only thoughtfulness.

  • Give a custom-made present. Personalized Father's Day gifts show Dad that you cared enough to go out and make something especially for him. Give a personalized hat, shirt or coffee mug, or emblazon his name on a necktie. You can even spruce up an everyday necktie from off the store rack by adding some dyes and glitter.

Easy Homemade Fathers Day Gifts

If you want to go the extra mile and create a special Father's Day gift, let the kids make a unique present. Taking a plain white T-shirt and having the kids write their names and put their handprints on it is a perfect way to commemorate both Father's Day and the childhoods of your children. Other simple and inexpensive kids' Father's Day gifts include finger paintings, homemade cupcakes and hand-drawn pictures. You can find all sorts of ideas for fun, easy Fathers Day crafts online.

Choosing a Gift

If you can't think of any Father's Day gifts to make at home, choosing a store-bought item is a convenient option. For example, if Dad is a sports nut, get him something that tips his hat to his favorite sportsman or team; if he's a workaholic, getting him something that will help his performance on the job is an apt way to show him how much his efforts are appreciated. No matter what you choose to give your dad on Father's Day, be sure you don't forget the most important gift of all – a great big hug with a side of "I love you."

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