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Flag Day

Wave it high and proud!

Flag Day history dates back to the year 1877, the 100th anniversary of the date that the Continental Congress first selected "Old Glory" as the United States' official flag. In that same year, Congress requested that each public facility fly the American flag on June 14th. The popularity of this tradition caught on quickly, and a schoolteacher by the name of B.J. Cigrand suggested that June 14th be a holiday known as "Flag Birthday."

While the name "Flag Birthday" did not catch on, the premise of Flag Day did, and in 1916, President Wilson officially proclaimed June 14th as Flag Day. However, the first legitimized Flag Day was not observed until 1949. During that year, President Truman signed a bill of approval for National Flag Day.

The Flag Day holiday is shares the month of June along with Fathers Day. It's widely celebrated and affords citizens the opportunity to display their pride in the American flag, as well as participate in a plethora of Flag Day celebrations. Many people celebrate with flag waving and picnics, but did you know that Flag Day, like the fourth of July is also a day for fireworks and parades? The flag is an important part of American history and has much significance when it comes to symbols of independence and freedom.

Where to Place the Flag?

If you're planning to celebrate Flag Day this year, consider flying a flag in your front yard or lining your walkway with miniature American flags. You may also want to have a picnic or a dinner party for friends and family. Pass out little flags to the attendees in order to remind them of the significance of this staple American symbol. Another fun activity is to spend Flag Day counting American flags you see throughout the day. If you spot two or three on your way to the grocery store, keep track and challenge your spouse, sister, brother or children to spot as many as you have! This is a fun activity that will help you to dwell more closely on the presence of the American flag in our everyday culture.

Flag Day is an annual celebration of the American flag. This day also proves to be a day of commemoration for our military members and their families. Take some time to contemplate the American flag and all that it represents. Keep your own flag safe and clean and fly it proudly on Flag Day, and every other day as well!

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