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Adult Halloween Costumes

Spice up your party with adult costumes for Halloween

Halloween is every bit as much for adults as it is for kids. It's the one night of the year that you can let your alter ego loose and indulge your whimsical, dark or even your naughty side. Adult Halloween costumes let you express your inner fantasies and hidden character in just about any way imaginable, from the frightening and daring to the playful and sexy.

Sexy Halloween costumes are also big business, mainly for women but also for men. Popular sexy costumes include French maids, schoolgirls, dominatrices and the classic mermaid costumes as well as racy takes on nuns, police officers and other authority figures. For men, pirate costumes hold a lot of sex appeal, but let your imagination run loose and come up with something delightfully original.

More Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

If you need to generate adult Halloween costume ideas, try out these strategies:

  • Think through some of your favorite movies, television shows and books. These are excellent places to start if you're stuck for adult costume ideas.
  • Take an online personality test that will help you get in touch with that hidden side you keep buried 364 days a year. There are special Halloween-themed versions that will suggest costumes for you. There are also smartphone apps that will do the same thing.
  • Look through old and discarded clothes for any wacky or fun items that might form the basis of a good costume, or at least make good accessories for another costume.
  • Keep a notebook with you, so if you're ever hit with inspiration when you're out for a walk or strolling through the mall, you won't forget it by the time you get home.

Shopping for Adult Costumes

Online retailers offer excellent selections of adult Halloween costumes for every taste and budget range. With the click of a mouse, you can browse thousands of adult costumes and order fast delivery, then pick up any additional accessories from a conventional retailer, costume shop or party center. If you've left your adult costume shopping until the last minute, you can take advantage of rush delivery options to ensure you're not left scrambling to find a costume come Halloween night.

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