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Baby Halloween Costumes

Cute toddler Halloween costumes

If this year is baby's first Halloween, decking out your bundle of joy in a baby costume makes for can't-miss fun and once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. Even the scariest of baby Halloween costumes can't help but be adorable, and trick-or-treaters and family members will delight upon seeing your infant all dressed up for the special occasion.

The right infant and toddler Halloween costumes depend on just how old your new son or daughter is. If he or she is already crawling or walking, you'll have a bit more leeway to get creative. Newborn Halloween costumes earn high points for cuteness, though, and offer unique opportunities for originality.

Infant Halloween Costumes

With infant Halloween costumes, you have the option of choosing an outfit that has legs, or one that lacks them. The latter option offers some incredibly lovable costumes, from hot red peppers and pumpkins to pea pods and octopi.

Some of the most affordable baby Halloween costumes are simple one-piece jumper-style garments that come with a few accessories. If you're on a budget, keep things simple while still allowing your baby to enjoy some extra attention.

Toddler Halloween Costumes

With toddler Halloween costumes, you have a bit more wiggle room to work with, since your child's relative maturity allows you to add additional accessories. As a general rule, some of the most successful toddler and children's Halloween costumes are little-person versions of grown-up roles. Dress up your little girl as a ballerina or your little boys as a policeman and watch the faces of all who see them light up.

Many iconic movie characters, like the Storm Troopers from the Star Wars series and the various Harry Potter characters, have Halloween costumes available in toddler's sizes. If you're a fan of a particular movie or book franchise, you can almost certainly find a Halloween costume for your son or daughter.

A word about safety: make sure that the costume is free of all choking and suffocation hazards. It only takes a second when your back is turned for a tragic accident to happen, and the happiest Halloween is always a safe Halloween.

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