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Childrens Halloween Costumes

Popular children's costumes for Halloween

While many adults get a kick out of dressing up for Halloween, it is ultimately more a children's holiday than anything else, a night when pint-sized ghosts and goblins troll around local neighborhoods in search of candy. Given the popularity of the occasion, there are endless children's Halloween costumes to choose from. Current favorites include Harry Potter costumes and, with the recent resurgence of the Star Wars franchise, space-themed costumes have made a comeback, too. Classic favorites include the witch or fairy costume for girls and the cowboy or Superman costume for boys. Disney costumes include a complete range of legendary characters and remain as popular as ever.

Teen Halloween costumes tend to be more akin to adult Halloween costumes than those designed for children.

Where to Buy Kids' Halloween Costumes

For children's costumes, sizing is easiest if you shop in a place that actually allows your son or daughter to try the costume on before you buy it. Thus, shopping with conventional retailers has its advantages. However, you can get great deals on kids' Halloween costumes from online retailers. If you take accurate measurements, you might be able to find the perfect Harry Potter costume or fairy costume at a steep discount.

Costume Safety

Safety considerations should always be taken into full account, not only when you are choosing children's Halloween costumes, but also in advance of any trick-or-treating trips through your local neighborhood. Even though you'll be covering largely familiar ground on Halloween night, the darkness and other factors makes it necessary to consider a few essential costume safety tips.

  • Leave some extra room so your child can wear some warm clothing beneath the costume. Halloween night tends to be chilly.
  • Make sure the costume is the correct length and doesn't drag on the ground beneath your child's shoes. Accidental trips and falls are one of the leading causes of Halloween injuries.
  • Affix small strips of reflective tape to the back of your child's costume to make sure he or she is visible to passing cars. Remind your child how important it is to look both ways before crossing any streets, even if you're going to be supervising their trick-or-treating.
  • Whenever possible, use makeup instead of masks. If your child wants to wear a mask, make sure it doesn't interfere with proper breathing or vision.
  • With all the glowing candles involved with Halloween, flames and fires also present real hazards. Check to make sure the costume is made from fireproof or fire-retardant material.
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