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Halloween makeup, wigs and other accessories

Some Halloween costumes are made or broken by the details, which is what makes costume accessories so important. The right Halloween makeup can transform an average witch, zombie, ghost or vampire into the hit of the party, and a well-chosen costume wig puts clowns and hippies a cut above their peers. You can use a feather boa to transform an easy Halloween costume into a homemade gem, and find a good creative use for just about anything else you might pull out of your closet, jewelry box or chest of drawers.

Popular Halloween Costume Accessories

In addition to Halloween wigs, makeup and masks, here are some accessories that will be a big hit at your Halloween party:

  • Halloween contact lenses: Turn your eyes a demonic shade of red, an animalistic shade of yellow, or dead black. Halloween contacts are very versatile, but are particularly effective for devils, demons, goblins, witches and werewolves.
  • : Hundreds of Halloween costume ideas need some gore to tie everything together, and fake blood is one of the most convincing ways to drum some up.
  • Glitter powder: Many women's costumes can be enhanced with some well-placed glitter powder, particularly angels, butterflies and mermaids.
  • Silver crosses: These are great for nuns and priests, but they're also said to repel vampires. If you're dressing as a vampire hunter or have a vampire in your group, bring one along!
  • Pitchfork: Devils of both sexes can complete their costumes with dainty or frightening pitchforks.
  • Costume-specific accessories: Syringes are perfect for topping off doctor or nurse costumes, prisoners need a ball and chain, and what vampire is complete without a set of fangs? No matter what you're dressing up as, there are accessories out there than can amp up the overall effectiveness of your costume.

Whether you're going for something scary, spooky, silly or sexy, putting in a little extra effort to find the right costume accessories can really pay off. Most accessories are very inexpensive, so even if you're on a tight budget, you can get a homemade Halloween costume together with a visit to the thrift store and save a few extra dollars for some well-chosen accessories to bring the whole package together.

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