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Easy Halloween Costumes

Simple and creative Halloween costumes

Halloween has a way of really sneaking up on you, and if you're always on the go, it's not always easy to find the time to come up with elaborate costume ideas. Store-bought costumes can also be expensive, and if you just don't have the budget to be able to purchase the ready-made outfit of your dreams, coming up with your own creative Halloween costumes is an excellent alternative. There are all kinds of easy Halloween costumes you can make on your own, or by picking up a few simple accessories from a local thrift shop.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some fun, easy and cheap Halloween costumes that you can mostly pull out of your closet or off the racks of a good secondhand store:

  • Nerd: Wear tight-fitting, high-waist pants, a short-sleeved button-down shirt with a bow tie, suspenders, shiny black shoes. Slick back your hair, use a pair of spectacles and a few other simple costume accessories, and you're good to go!
  • Miss America: For this costume, all you need is an old bridesmaid's dress or prom dress. Simply get all gussied up as though you were going to a ball, slip into your fancy dress, add some makeup and jewelry, and wear a sash saying "Miss America" (or whatever state you come from).
  • Mummy: This one requires no more than a tenser bandage, some scissors and some clips to hold your costume in place.
  • Clown: Dress in ridiculously loud clothing, get some face makeup and a big, colorful wig, and you're ready for the party.
  • Hippie: If you or your parents have some good vintage 1960s clothing, you can dress up as a hippie for very little money. Wear a wig, let your facial hair grow for a week or two leading up to Halloween, and accessorize as necessary to complete your look.
  • The American tourist: This one is a classic -- simply get some knee-length shorts, wear socks pulled up past your ankles, plop an oversized hat on your head and slip a camera around your neck. Be sure to speak foreign languages poorly and point at every available opportunity.

Open up those old drawers and closets -- you may just end up coming up with more homemade Halloween costumes than you thought possible!

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