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Halloween Costumes

What to do if you're stuck for Halloween costume ideas

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are a lot of stand-by choices and stock options: vampires, ghosts, goblins, crazy clowns, witches…the list goes on and on. The Elvis costume and alien costume have become commonplace, and scary movie characters like Freddy and Jason have been done to death. This article focuses on general strategies for coming up with unique and scary or funny Halloween costumes that are off the beaten path.

If you're throwing a Halloween party, you can give your guests a little direction by suggesting a theme, like having people dress as their favorite movie characters, as halves of famous couples, or in the garb of a bygone era or decade. This gives guests plenty of room to be creative, yet helps them get started on coming up with Halloween costume ideas.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Funny costumes are always a hit, and many of the best funny Halloween costumes work because they play with expectations. Here's an example: dress normally. Normal clothing, normal hair, normal face. When someone asks why you didn't dress up, explain that you're a werewolf -- you just look normal because the moon isn't full. Similar ideas include dressing up as a *Christmas gift -- complete with a tag that reads"To women, from God" -- and going as "God's gift to women." Or, wear a cheap disguise and hand out good wishes and blessings to go as a "blessing in disguise." Any other related idea that takes a common turn of phrase or cultural trope and makes it literal is the basis for a good humorous costume.

Scary Halloween Costumes

A good, old-fashioned scary costume is generated more by the details than the idea itself. Here, it's perfectly normal to draw on tried-and-true Halloween favorites, but putting the extra effort into the details will make the effect that much stronger. Aim for lifelike blood, gruesome makeup and other believable details that create a genuine sense of unease, and watch how the positive reactions will come pouring in.

You can also dress up as lesser-known but equally horrifying characters from your favorite horror novels, movies or stories. Simply put the requisite efforts into realizing your vision in believable detail and you'll be well on your way to spreading spooky good cheer.

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