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Halloween Crafts

Inexpensive and fun Halloween crafts for kids

With Halloween crafts, you can use simple everyday items to transform your home into a spooky wonderland. They're great fun for kids and adults alike, and really help your children build anticipation for this popular holiday.

Traditional Halloween crafts for kids include Halloween coloring pages and spider crafts made from black construction paper and dark pipe cleaners, which can be cut into fuzzy legs. While these Halloween craft ideas will get you started, there are many more out there which you can create at home to diversify your seasonal décor.

Halloween Craft Ideas

If you want to save some money on Halloween decorations, make your own! Here are some fun and easy ideas that you can work on at home with your kids with just a few simple supplies:

  • Halloween leaf wreaths. With some orange and black construction paper, a paper plate, a pair of scissors and a glue stick, you can make a spooky wreath. Simply trace leaves onto the construction paper and cut them out, then glue them around the edges of the paper plate. When the glue has dried, cut out the center of the plate and hang the wreath.
  • Balloon ghosts. Blow up a white balloon, then get a white plastic grocery bag and cut it into strips. Tape the strips to the bottom of the balloon, and use a black marker to make a spooky ghost face.
  • Jack-o-lantern masks. This is one of the easiest Halloween crafts you'll find, and it's perfect for young children. Simply trace a spooky eyes, nose and mouth onto a paper plate and cut them out. Color or paint the rest of the plate orange, then punch holes in either side of the plate and run a length of yarn through, or use an elastic to hold the mask in place.
  • Egg carton bats. With three sections of an egg carton, you can make a cute little bat craft. Simply cut out the front part of the left section and the right section, leaving the center section intact. When you view it head-on, you can see that the left and right sections now look like wings! Draw on eyes and a mouth, and add a piece of string so you can suspend the bat from the ceiling.
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