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Halloween Decorations

Add Halloween décor to your home

Whether you're throwing a party or just opening your door to the legions of trick-or-treaters that will be trolling through your neighborhood, Halloween decorations can transform your everyday home into a frightening hall of horrors. In addition to the classic pumpkin carving associated with the holiday, there are plenty of other Halloween props and Halloween décor ideas out there for you to take full advantage of if you want to take part in the fun.

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Moving beyond jack-o-lanterns, here are some fun and inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas you can incorporate into your plan:

  • Halloween lights. You can get spooky lights for both the interior and exterior of your home. While orange is the classic color for Halloween lights, you can also create ghostly and ghoulish effects with dim, moody lighting in just about any color, or black lights for a darkened room. Add frosted light covers to enhance the effect, but take care to be safe -- you don't want paper coming into close contact with hot lights for an extended period of time, and always keep flammable materials away from open flames.
  • Spooky streamers. Seasonal trappings, including pumpkins, ghosts, goblins and other scary creatures, can be hung from your walls or ceilings to fill in the space in your party room. Again, keep in mind the traditional Halloween colors of orange and black to create a classic, timeless effect.
  • Cobwebs. Spidery cobwebs are among the most popular Halloween props. They're very affordable, easy to hang and easy to clean up. Use them in corners and where walls meet ceilings to create a realistic effect that will give your guests the shivers.
  • Themes. You can also decorate your home according to a theme of your choice. Funeral parlors are a popular theme on Halloween; you can lay out a coffin and play eerie organ music in the background. Other themed ideas include haunted houses, vampire lairs and witches' caverns, if you're looking for something more elaborate to add to the fun.

Whether you want to keep things simple or go all-out, online retailers offer a comprehensive range of Halloween decorations to suit all tastes, no matter what your budget. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy seeing your Halloween decorating ideas come to life!

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