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Halloween Games

Add to your Halloween fun with these great game ideas

Halloween games are synonymous with Halloween fun for celebrants of all ages. While creative, comical, sensual and spooky costumes are a bit hit at parties, Halloween activities are what keep your guests engaged throughout the night. Whether you're having a party for the neighborhood children or need ideas for adult Halloween games, there are plenty of spooky ways to make the most of All Hallows' Eve. All you need is a few basic supplies and a good dose of the Halloween spirit!

Halloween Games for Kids

While most kids get plenty excited at the prospect of getting into their costumes and going out on the hunt for candy, you should also have a few favorite Halloween party games ready to play if you're hosting a children's Halloween party. Here are a few ideas to help make the evening that much more spooky and fun:

  • Haunted house: The variations on this game are endless; turn out the lights, put skeletons in the closets and fill your home with frightening attractions. Get the kids to blindly put their hands in gooey concoctions that are make-believe brains, project ghost holograms, and make unexplained sounds boom through the haunted house with the help of audio players!
  • Eyeball hunt: Divide the children into teams, or have them play individually to hunt down eyeballs which are hidden all through the house. The child or team finding the most can win an extra-special Halloween prize.
  • "Pin the bat": This is a variation on "pin the tail on the donkey," using a bat instead of a tail and a skull, or a vampire, or a ghost, or any other scary creature in place of the donkey.

Halloween Fun for Adults

Here are some Halloween games to incorporate into a more mature party:

  • Halloween trivia: Couples or teams can compete to answer scary, holiday-themed questions to win prizes.
  • Monster Mash: This is a great idea if many of your guests don't know each other; use monstrous icebreakers, like ghoulish adaptations of the "lock and key" game, to get your guests mingling and talking.
  • Horror movie quotes: Again, this can be played individually or in teams. Simply choose famous quotes from scary movie and award prizes to the player or team who get the most right.
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