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Halloween Masks

Scary masks for celebrating Halloween

Halloween masks are so prevalent that they're practically synonymous with this autumn celebration of all things spooky and creepy. There are endless variations, including everything from masquerade masks for generic incognito costumes to animal masks for those getting back in touch with their wild sides. Of course, horror movie maniac masks, including Michael Myers masks, Jason masks and Freddy Kruger masks, have enjoyed widespread popularity for years. In addition to considering which mask is right for your costume, there are special factors you need to think about if you're getting masks as part of a children's Halloween costume.

Scary Halloween Masks

Part of what makes Halloween masks so effective is that the scariest things are those that we can't see. Masks hide what's really lurking beneath, and the imagination can conjure up things that are far more terrifying than reality could ever confirm.

In most cases, scary masks are also realistic, or at least they are so detailed that the very sight of them inspires cringes. Exaggerated, grotesque and asymmetrical designs and features all work well to create the kind of scary look you may be searching for.

Safety Advice for Children's Halloween Masks

As a general rule, children should wear makeup instead of Halloween masks whenever possible. Even so, if your child has his or her heart set on wearing a mask as part of their costume, there are a few simple safety rules you should be careful to observe.

First, choose a fire-retardant or fireproof material. Latex masks are excellent in this regard. While plastic masks won't usually catch fire unless exposed to extremely high temperatures (which is very unlikely to happen), they can release toxic fumes if burned, which can cause illness.

Second, make sure that the eye holes are big enough for your child to see clearly. A related issue you'll want to check is to make sure that the mask sits properly on your child's face, so that they can see as they're supposed to.

Finally, make sure the mask isn't too tight. Not only will this help it remain more comfortable, it will also ensure that your child can breathe properly. There is little risk of outright suffocation with most Halloween masks, but you still want to make sure your child enjoys proper airflow as he or she darts through the streets causing mischief and collecting candy.

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