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Halloween Party

Ideas for Halloween parties for children and adults

A Halloween party is a popular way to celebrate this spooky holiday, and it's a hit with both children and adults. Children's Halloween parties can revolve around telling scary stories, getting costumes ready and going on a group trick-or-treating adventure, while adult Halloween party ideas tend to revolve more around costumes and cocktails; it's the night of the year where you can let loose and become the alter ego you keep tucked away at most other times.

Whether you're throwing a Halloween party for children or adult friends, make sure to created themed Halloween invitations. You can create your own using online software and mail them to the people on your guest list, or create an online event so the invitees can RSVP instantly.

Halloween Party Ideas

If you're stuck for a unique theme, here are some ideas for adult Halloween parties:

  • The Halloween "hell-i-day". Pretend it's Christmas, and have ghoulish elves and decomposing Santa Claus costumes at your party, or put a Halloween spin on Easter with savage bunny rabbits. Just pick a holiday and adapt it to Halloween!
  • Movie themes. At this type of Halloween, guests come dressed up as their favorite movie characters. This is great for couples, as they can dress up as two halves of a famous screen couple.
  • Era themes. Pick a decade or an historical era and ask guests to dress up in the trappings of a bygone age. This allows for guests to draw on a wide range of ideas for unique adult Halloween costumes.
  • Murder mystery parties. This is a popular idea for an interactive Halloween party, in which guests can work in pairs or groups to try to solve a murder mystery and win prizes.
  • Funeral themes. Deck your home out like a funeral parlor, complete with a casket and a "deceased person" that the party-goers are gathering to "mourn."

However you decide to celebrate this fun and whimsical holiday, don't leave it to the last minute to go shopping for your Halloween party supplies. The most popular items fall into short supply as the big day approaches, so hit the stores early to avoid disappointment, or shop online for an excellent selection from a wide range of retailers.

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