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Halloween Recipes

Fun and delicious Halloween food for parties

Few holidays are as much about food as Halloween. Between all the candy and savory snacks that get handed out to kids during trick-or-treating and all the tasty delights that populate the buffet tables of Halloween parties for adults, this is one occasion that nearly everyone uses as an excuse to indulge a sweet tooth. If you're hosting a get-together, you'll be on the lookout for some creative and delicious Halloween recipes and Halloween food ideas. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Halloween Appetizers

For Halloween appetizers, dress up favorites like chicken wings, meatballs and cheese and cracker plates in seasonal trappings. Add some red food coloring to sauces to make them appear more like blood, spread spider web frosting patterns on pastries and cut finger foods in ghostly shapes and serve them to the guests at your Halloween party.

Halloween Party Food

Look for quick and easy-to-make ideas that have fun with the Halloween theme:

  • Moldy cheese balls: Serve regular cheese balls with a special herb coating that looks like a layer of dust.
  • Squashed guts: Combine spaghetti and blended vegetables in tomato sauce for a gut-wrenching Halloween recipe that's actually healthy too.
  • "Finger food": You can make nibblers that literally look like severed fingers, knuckles and fingernails and all.
  • The "Gingerbread Dead": As a meal-topping sweet, serve gingerbread men which have be frosted like skeletons.

Of course, Halloween cakes are perfect for topping off the evening. A cake in the shape of a full moon -- with the frosting silhouette of a black cat against it, of course -- or the face of a jack-o-lantern are tried-and-true choices that will show off your cake-making skills.

Halloween Drinks

For drinks, serve up fun takes on party mainstays. Ghost punch, for example, can have floating ghost-shaped marshmallows or ice cubes. There are endless variations on this idea: use eyeballs instead of ghosts, or make the punch blood-red for all the vampires in attendance.

Orange juice-based drinks are a bit hit on Halloween, especially when served in seasonal glassware. Use it as the base for a punch or a house cocktail -- gin and vodka are both excellent mixers for orange juice -- and top off your drinks with eyeball cherries or severed finger parasols.

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