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Halloween Treats

Enjoy the fun of trick or treating

Beyond the fun of dressing up, Halloween treats are what make this holiday so much fun for kids; each year, the familiar cry of "Trick or treat!" is uttered by tens of millions of children around the world, with some estimates suggesting that up to 93 percent of American children plan to collect Halloween treats each year.

Most historians trace back the history of trick or treating to England, and the celebration of All Souls Day, which falls on November 2. Centuries ago, poor people would beg for food during All Souls Day parades, and special pastries called "soul cakes" would be handed out to them on the condition that they would pray for the souls of their benefactors' dearly departed relatives. This practice itself grew out of an ancient tradition of leaving food in church graveyards for the souls of the dead who would return to Earth each year on Halloween.

Trick or Treating Ideas

In modern times, the most popular types of Halloween candy include lollipops, miniature chocolate bars and small bags of potato chips. If you stock up on these, you're sure not to disappoint any of the trick or treaters that come to your door.

However, with a move towards increasing health awareness, many people are seeking healthier Halloween treat ideas. If you want to offer a healthier take on Halloween candy, granola bars make an excellent choice. They still offer a satisfying hint of sugary sweetness, yet pack a lot more nutritional punch than chocolate bars. You can purchase them in a store or make your own; there are plenty of Halloween recipes for making homemade treats. Candied or caramel apples have also long been a popular way to sneak some goodness into a Halloween treat.

Trick or Treat Times

Traditionally, trick or treating begins just after dinner, usually around 6:30 PM. However, as a general rule, trick or treating can begin any time after nightfall, which happens by about 5:00 on Halloween night. Most children are back home no later than 9:00 PM for their parents to inspect their Halloween candy and make sure it's safe for them to eat and enjoy.

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