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Haunted House

Make things spooky with these haunted house ideas

Turning your home into a haunted house is a popular way to celebrate Halloween, and it's an especially popular and timeless idea for a children's Halloween party. All you'll need is the right haunted house props along with some classic Halloween music and spooky Halloween sounds to heighten the effect and make your young guests absolutely certain that something sinister is lurking in the dark.

The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want to transform your entire home into a haunted house, or whether you just want to confine your ghoulish makeover to a certain room or area, such as the attic or basement. Then, create your plan, gather your haunted house supplies and have some fun!

Haunted House Ideas

Here are some classic haunted house ideas for you to try:

  • >strong>The vampire's tomb. Make sure the lights are off, position a coffin, add some suitable decorations, and tell your young guests that a sleeping vampire is in his tomb. Give them a real fright by having the vampire come to life!
  • The spider's lair. This one is easy -- dim the lights, hang some cobwebs, dangle rubber tarantulas from the ceiling and use Halloween sounds and props to create the impression that there are spiders on the loose.
  • The autopsy room. If you're having an adult Halloween party, this is worth looking into -- it may be too scary for kids. Set up a stainless steel table complete with a dummy corpse and some undertaker's tools to turn your home into a creepy autopsy room.
  • The potions cellar. This one is particularly good if you have a workshop in your basement. Simply remove all the everyday mortal trappings and replace them with cauldrons, vials and smoke machines to create illusion that a master potion brewer is at work. Spook your guests by offering them some potions to drink at the end of the tour!

Add Halloween Sounds

You can heighten the effect not only with Halloween music, but also by adding some spooky sounds to your haunted Halloween party. Ominous ghostly moaning, disembodied footsteps and the occasional muffled scream will have your guests jumping at every turn. To create these effects with a minimum of effort, you can get pre-made Halloween CDs or mp3s that require you to simply push play and enjoy.

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