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Mardi Gras Party

How to host a Mardi Gras theme party

Mardi Gras is a holiday known for its elegantly themed parties, and is nothing short of a grand occasion. Mardi Gras parties feature bright colors, and it's very common for the patrons of the party to don unique Mardi Gras masks. The Mardi Gras decorations are obviously very important for the party, and there must be special emphasis on generating the atmosphere to match the lavish decorations.

Hosting a Mardi Gras Party

So, how does one host a Mardi Gras themed party? Like planning for anything, there must be proper preparation. If the party is going to be a hit, take into consideration that there will be many trips that caterer and the Mardi Gras party supply store. There are just so many different things you'll need, from the beads, party hats and masks to decorative cups, plates and other functional items. Which brings us to the next important step – the Mardi Gras party food!

Mardi Gras Party Menu

You absolutely cannot forget the food, and your best choice is to go with everything Creole. You must have the party food for which the holiday is famous for! The way to go for the Mardi Gras theme food is Creole shrimp or perhaps even a gumbo. Most people love gumbo, and there are many different types to satisfy any taste.

Another great idea would be Bourbon chicken, something that virtually everyone on the planet appreciates for its sweet yet tangy taste. If you're not a culinary expert, there are many different recipes that take into consideration that you have not been a chef in a Louisiana restaurant for the past 10 years.

These are just suggestions, and there are many other foods to be considered that are also in the spirit of a Mardi Gras party. If you're having trouble deciding or preparing, catering can be a great option – just be sure they know their Creole!

Mardi Gras Success

Mardi Gras decorations and food are a matter of taste, but just remember that preparing for the party in advance is important. It can take time to recreate New Orleans, Louisiana, but when done right your party will be a huge success.

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