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Mothers Day

Let mom know you care with Mother's Day gifts and cards

Mother's Day is an unofficial holiday that honors and celebrates the commitments and contributions mothers make to their children. While it is held on a wide range of dates throughout the world, ranging from early February to late December, in North America and most other Western countries, it is observed on the second Sunday in May.

It has become traditional to send Mother's Day gifts; anything that serves as a token of your appreciation for all the hard work your mother put into bringing you up is fair game. Many people opt to send flowers, and Mother's Day is noted for being one of the biggest days of the year in the flower industry (right up there with Valentine's Day). Mother's Day cards typically accompany gifts of flowers.

The History of Mother's Day

For those who think that Mother's Day was especially created for commercial reasons: you're wrong. The history of Mother's Day actually spans back to ancient times, when the ancient Greeks held festivals in honor of the "mother of the gods," Rhea. In the 17th century in Britain, an ecclesiastical decree extended the traditional celebration of Mary, the mother of Christ, to include all mothers.

Modern Mother's Day evolved out of movements to raise awareness for the poor working conditions of homemakers, as well as women's pacifist movements of the late 19th century. A woman named Anna Jarvis is credited with bringing Mother's Day into its present form, when she took up the cause of her late mother to establish a national holiday for women. By 1914, she had succeeded.

More Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

Flowers are always appreciated, but you can go above and beyond to let your mother know just how special she is to you. Treating her to dinner at her favorite restaurant is another thoughtful gesture, but moms love gifts that are from the heart, making Mother's Day crafts one of the best gifts you can give. These may include scrapbooks, memory drawings and personalized photo albums that you can create by hand or using digital tools.

Other popular Mother's Day gifts include jewelry, keepsake boxes, fashion accessories and clothing. Whatever you choose to give, add a personal touch by customizing it for your mom.

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